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Christian Drug Rehabs

Drug Rehabs

There are different types of drug rehabs that help you in different ways. 

Based on the healing power of faith, Christian drug rehabs promote a reconnection to God believing that it is this healing power that can break the chains of addiction. The problem of addiction is spiritual in nature and separation from God causes feelings of emptiness. As the addiction evolves, this feeling of emptiness grows and any attempt to numb that feeling gets stronger causing emotional and mental instabilities. Freedom from addiction is possible and any feelings of unworthiness are not of God’s will.

Largely rooted in Christian teachings and bible principles, a Christian drug rehab guides the addict through a renewed walk in faith for restoration and healing. Physical and mental issues are addressed as well as the spiritual needs. The Christian drug rehabs offer the same areas of care as regular drug rehab facilities including individual and group counseling, detox and on site professional care but the unique therapy also includes such things as prayer, worship, pastoral ministrations and other bible based treatment plans. The 12-Step approach is often used as a faith basis restoration of hope for those who struggle with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Through structured activities and positive reinforcement the Christian drug rehab helps the believer renew their sense of self worth and respect influencing every aspect of their lives through love and compassion. Read more about Christian Drug Rehabs.

Holistic Drug Rehabs

Holistic drug rehabs focus heavily on healing the mind, body and spirit of an individual as a whole of that person’s being. Addressing all of these areas simultaneously and achieving a good balance between them is the ultimate goal of a holistic drug rehab program. Because drug usage causes negative effects to all of these areas, healing them as a whole is critical in the assurance of any reasonable success to recovery. Treatment programs are specialized according to the individual and include a wide variety of physical and creative activities as well as education on healthy living such as the appreciation of nutritious foods. In order for any person to be truly healthy, the individual needs to be able to love themselves, enjoy life, and have a sense of belonging as well as some control or power over their life. At holistic drug rehabs, those needs can be managed under medical and professional supervision with meaning and enjoyment.

Physical healing may be the common goal for standard drug rehabs but including the care of mind and spirit helps the addict to regain their sense of purpose and truly live versus simply surviving. By focusing on a healthier lifestyle, professionals are able to teach the individual how to appreciate and express themselves. By developing skills and defining the tools necessary to change their lives for the better, the addict is able to recover more completely and the lasting effects will follow them long after the program has ended. Read more about Holistic Drug Rehabs.

Best Drug Rehabs

With a wide variety a drug rehabs available, it is important for the addict to participate in the program most suitable to their needs. Many factors should be considered such as duration requirements, financial abilities, medical, physical and psychological needs including co-occurring psychiatric conditions such as bipolar disorder, depression or anxiety. Another consideration would be the severity of the addiction and the duration of abuse as well as the type of chemical dependency from which they suffer. Drug rehabs provide specialized care for several addiction types including alcohol, and various other drugs of choice and all should be overseen by medical and qualified professionals equipped to handle the physical and psychological needs of the individual as they arise. After an initial intake evaluation, the programs can be determined based on that individuals needs. All programs should be able to provide a safe environment where the individual can receive counseling, therapy and support, according to those needs. Programs vary in intensity and sometimes, a preferred treatment program may be more suited to the individual. These alternative drug rehabs may include Christian or Faith based, Holistic, or Luxury programs. Whatever drug rehab that is determined to be best for that addict, time is of the essence to begin recovery and regain control in the addict’s life. Read more about the Best Drug Rehabs.

Inpatient Drug Rehabs

Inpatient drug rehabs provide addicts a safe, clean and enforced sobriety living arrangement in a residential, clinical or medical care facility. The programs include detox, individual and group counseling, on site medical and professional staff access around the clock and various support services while the addict receives time to recover from their addiction being secluded from outside stress factors and triggers. Inpatient drug rehabs may be for short term durations lasting about a month or long term durations lasting 3 months to 2 years depending on the level of severity and duration of drug abuse as well as previous attempts at recovery. When outpatient programs are insufficient, an inpatient program may be deemed necessary for successful recovery from the addiction. There are several factors to consider when deciding which inpatient drug rehab is suitable. The addict gains the benefit of time to detoxify and adapt to sobriety but, in certain circumstances, the duration of a short term inpatient drug rehab may prove inadequate. A more intensive or persuasive program with an extended duration may be necessary for the addict to permanently recover from their drug abuse. Learning to interact with others and to make appropriate decisions are key skills learned in the inpatient recovery programs but there are many other benefits gained through these programs. With improved mental concentration, the individual develops a greater confidence in themselves which positively affects their emotional stability while increasing their willingness to remain sober and drug free, successfully doing the right thing at the right time. Read more about Inpatient Drug Rehabs.