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What is Psychodynamic Therapy?

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy can help you understand your unconscious mind. 

This is a type of therapy that focuses on a person’s unconscious processes. It is believed that these unconscious processes manifest in a person’s current behaviors and their actions. It is one of the oldest forms of therapy, but it has developed extensively since this type of therapy practice first came into play. The therapy is said to work by helping the client to understand what is occurring in their unconscious processes and how it is affecting their life today. By providing the client with an understanding and working through past issues that have led up to these unhealthy unconscious processes, this type of therapy can be successful in elimination a wide-array of problems, such as drug addiction.

Types of Drug Addiction Treated Using Psychodynamic Therapy

Addiction to heroin and other opiate related drugs are often treated with this type of therapy. This drug can be difficult to get off of and once the physical symptoms of stopping the drug disappear, the therapy can ease the mental addiction to the drug. The therapy is also used for addiction to other types of drugs such as; meth, crack, cocaine and addiction to prescription medications. These drugs may be more effectively treated if the underlying issue for the addiction is addressed, rather than simply getting off the drug and trying to remain sober. It is less common for addiction to marijuana to be treated with this type of therapy, but it may be used for those who feel that they are mentally addicted to the marijuana drug. Although physical addiction may not occur, mental addiction can be high.

Benefits of Psychodynamic Therapy in treating Drug Addiction

Treating drug addiction with this type of therapy has many benefits. One of the main reasons a person has a relapse and ends up using the drug again is because the underlying issue is still present, even when they have gotten the drug completely out of their system. By finding the underlying issue in the client, helping them to understand that this issue is the reason the use drugs and then working to overcome the particular issue- drug use can come to a complete stop and the client can go onto live a healthy, happy and drug free life. The therapy is also beneficial for those who have multiple issues that lead up to their drug use, as the client may not even recognize these issues until they go through the therapy process and begin understanding their unconscious processes, including the impacting these processes have on their lives.