Inpatient Drug Rehabs

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What is Long Term Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Long Term Inpatient Drug Rehab

Long term inpatient drug rehab is a safe setting to recover in. 

Inpatient drug rehab programs are typically short-term or about a month in duration. These residential, clinical or hospital settings offer a safe, clean environment for addicts to detox and learn ways to stay free from drugs. Sometimes, this just isn’t enough. Long term inpatient drug rehab provides an extended time period, ranging from 3 months to 2 years, where the addict can develop those skills and habits conducive to permanent sobriety. Programs include lessons in life-skills, 12-step and spiritual guidance, chemical dependency counseling, nutritional and physical activity counseling, innovative family programs, and group or individual therapies. While living in an enforced sober environment and continuing to receive the support services offered in the long term drug rehab curriculum, the addict’s chances for successful recovery are greatly increased.

Who Needs Long Term Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Addiction does not occur overnight and neither does recovery. Long term drug rehab may be necessary depending on the severity and level of abuse as well as duration of usage and individual needs. Life disruptions versus the benefits of long term drug rehab are necessary considerations. After an addict has tried the short term inpatient drug rehab and previous attempts to maintain sobriety have failed, a long term inpatient drug rehab program should be considered. For those people with long lasting or severe addiction the only way to achieve enduring recovery is through a very lengthy period of sobriety. Addicts with the desire and willingness for treatment may self admit themselves but, others may be court mandated to participate in these programs. Learning to rethink and reverse usage motivation is equally effective in both scenarios.

Benefits of Long Term Inpatient Drug Rehab

The greatest benefit of long term inpatient drug rehab is time, time to heal, time to grow accustomed to sobriety, time to mentally adapt to changing situations and expectations, and time free from chemical dependency. As the addict learns how to live soberly, mental aptitude and behaviors improve. The structured curriculum promotes self awareness and enables the addict to reevaluate those causes and triggers of addiction thereby eliminating them in any future endeavors. As the addict becomes reintroduced to society, work ethics are considered therapeutic and the addict learns to re socialize through work and under authority. Ethical responsibilities promote the sense of accomplishment and well being as the individual enjoys honest relationships and regains trust in others.