Inpatient Drug Rehabs

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What Does Inpatient Rehab Cost?

Cost of Inpatient Rehab

The cost of inpatient rehab can vary depending on the services you want and need.

Inpatient drug rehab costs vary dramatically depending on the type of facility and type of treatment provided. Costs differ accordingly, and are more expensive when offering extra amenities or programs. Most costs are determined based on accessibility to medical or professional services and some may be more in depth depending on the types of abuse involved. Inpatient rehabs provide detox, physical and psychological treatment by physicians and therapists as well as trained counselors and other professional staff who are available 24 hours a day to administer the treatment and other necessary services. All of which will determine the cost based on geographical circumstances, quality, and availability options. The programs can be very different in atmosphere and scope of treatment but, while there are many factors determining costs, most have to do with the treatment approaches and the effectiveness of the institution. Therapeutic programs are sometimes consolidated, reducing costs. In essence, this also reduces access to treatment and, for this reason smaller programs may be more expensive. It is important to remember that the determination of any inpatient rehab cost must be compared with the cost of continuing the addiction. Finding an affordable inpatient drug rehab program is possible.

Factors that can Increase the Cost of Inpatient Rehab

Some facilities offer luxurious amenities and alternatives in a spa or resort like atmosphere. Meals, amenities, and recreational activities may be more desirable but, of course, this makes the inpatient rehab cost more expensive than in a facility which provides simpler, but adequate room and board. The costs to manage and oversee these facilities is further increased due to the amount of time and intensity required for the therapists, doctors, and other staff members to provide the necessary services or the quality of services being provided. Costs are increased when there is a necessity for continued medical services including medications. Based on needs of the addict, as well as the duration of involvement, additional therapeutic programs may increase the cost of treatment.

Paying for Inpatient Rehab

Most medical insurance policies will include this type of coverage although specific amounts may vary. Payment assistance can be found to cover the entire cost or on a sliding scale fee with proof of financial needs. Resources for this type of assistance may be available through the facility or government resources such as the community health department or social services. Funding assistance or sponsorships may also be available through religious and community organizations. Cash payments are commonly accepted in installment plans although a minimum payment may be initially required. Options are available for affording inpatient rehab and treatment should be sought when needed.